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To any of you out there, I’ll be posting some bits that I’ve been sitting on for quite a while now. Most of it may seem like nonsense [which it is] but it’s based on scattered visions and emotional impulses that occur to me from time to time. Although I will have edited some of these, most will be posted here more or less as they came to me in their raw and emotionally nonsensical form. I don’t much care to edit too heavily for the likes of a social media site, but rather prefer to use this portal as a place to give my writings a home away from my conscience and my journal. It is solely cathartic and, at best, gratifying when someone messages with a kind word of appreciation from time to time. So without further ado, the continued musings of a lonely Reverend.

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Pennsylvania, 1938
Photograph by Joseph Steinmetz
Joseph Steinmetz, was a prolific commercial and editorial photographer whose images appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Life, Look, Time, Holiday, Collier’s and Town and Country. His diverse work spanned forty years from the 1930s-1970s, but it is the stiffly staged, brightly lit lifestyle photographs chronicling postwar Florida sun and fun that has secured his importance in this new century. 5000 of his photos are in the Florida State Archives Joseph Janney Steinmetz Photographic Collection and many are viewable online.
Source: Florida Memory

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Multnomah Falls, as seen by a friend of mine.
American Summer. Austin, Texas 
© Nathan Michael
I miss the Christmas markets. I miss Paris.
Portland, Oregon 1937
© Cheyenne Randall